Just the Beginning

This is not my first encounter with relating to the infamous Proverbs woman. My sister and I had an interesting discussion over the ‘virtuous’ woman text that is available. Needless to say, at that time we were both in the process of digging deeper and trying to find our way through the bible. After all, how can we expect to learn what we didn’t know if we don’t research and seek the answers.

At the time, I had my reservations over the Proverbs breakdown of what a woman should be. Either in her house, around her house, to her spouse, and so forth… In my opinion, while reading the text in several chapters, I had sinned so much that I felt I might be past redemption. I felt so guilt-ridden and unworthy to be mentioned in the same sentence as the definition of a ‘virtuous’ woman.

Without letting go of self, I believe I block myself from many blessings and fail to see the full potential of how great I can be. My insecurities are far beyond reprieve but through participating in this ministry I hope to grow in the word. By growing in the covenant that was prepared before all Christian believers, just maybe these issues won’t bother me anymore. While getting over my own issues, I pray I can be testimony to aid others.

Instead of starting the traditional way, why not start at a place that could possibly help this women’s ministry meet, agree, meditate, and grow — Proverbs.

We will use a series of sites, books, and other lesson plans to get us to where each of us has a desire to be separately as well as collectively.

I am Kanika, your tour guide on this spiritual journey. I look forward to exploring the bible with you lovely ladies. Let the learning, digging, and healing begin.

In the next post, I will attempt to give a brief breakdown of the ‘Proverbs 31 Project’ day by day. I purchased the ebook format from amazon for 99 cents. Also we will be using references from This is where I felt the most challenged and intimidated by the definition of the ‘virtuous’ woman.

Until the next post…




4 thoughts on “Just the Beginning

  1. I am enjoying the reading especially the Virtuous women. I thinks this is a great start. And I hope that we can get other women to join our journey. I am looking fwd. to the husband box. the 10 a-day compliments, had me like what else can I say about myself but it was intriguing to just know I couldn’t think off 10 things to say about myself, Off the top of my head I had about five things. Then I got lost I had to say what else Kandice. But it gave me a chance to just think about other areas of my life,job and family that I could compliment myself on. I opened my mind to all areas of my life and the compliments started flowing. lol


    1. I’m glad you are enjoying it so far. Today was one of those nice lessons that made you think. I do hope we will have more participation because not only is it thought provoking, it can be beneficial to someones life.


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