Proverbs 31 Project

Proverbs 31 Project (day 12)

Day 12: 120 Original Traits!

“Charm is deceitful, and beauty is vain, but a woman fears the Lord is to be praised.” -Proverbs 31:30

Reflection, meditation, and challenge announcements…

Reflect over Proverbs 31:13-14

A virtuous woman is not lazy nor slothful. We as women must aim hiring than simply existing. Although the goal is to treat our significant others, spouses, soul-mates as if they are the head of the house, we cannot forget our role is just as important. How can we expect the men to lead if we are not open to being lead? If this is a God-fearing man, then there is no way he will lead us astray. Once we open our minds to the bigger picture and see past the common definition of some words, we will realize most of us have been doing the exact thing we argue about. We just hate the stigma of the meaning ‘lead, head, cater.’

Meditate over the meaning of the word ‘bride’ of Christ. Meditate over how you envision the woman of God. Remember the virtuous woman description was given by a woman, a mother who only wanted what was best for her son. A God-fearing man who only wanted to live for and serve God. What’s the harm in lending that man an ear, a sound opinion free of malice, a home cooked meal, and a drama free home?

The point of the ‘Husband box’ is to add the things you desire in your relationship. Here’s your chance to prepare, meditate, and pray for guidance in the matters of the heart.

The next challenge to add to our already growing list of compliments, RECIPES!!! As most of you know, I love trying out new stuff. Things that I didn’t even think was possible of cooking without culinary skills. Better yet, I was just plain ole too lazy to try. Honesty is the best policy… 🙂

The goal is to try one, (1), new recipe a week. Either you can pick the same day every week or rotate that bad boy however you see fit. All I suggest is plan ahead what day you want to try something new and stick to the plan. Research your recipes either on the internet, cooking shows, or my personal favorite Pinterest. FYI, P.E.W. Ministry has a pinterest page. Yes ma’am, press ham-I will admit I am a Pinterest addict.

Alright Monday marks the start of week three and I can hardly wait. I have begun to anticipate the monologue that comes with this project. In these trying times where we all stand in the need of prayer, I am going to leave you all with one.

Heavenly and gracious father, we come to you to give you thanks for blessing us beyond our wildest dreams. Thank you for protecting us, guiding us, and leading us in the direction you have designed for us to go. We praise and magnify your glorious name. Father God, despite all that is going on in this world we thank you for protecting our family and our households. Although we fall short of your glory every day, we pray that you continue to lead us down the path of righteousness. We give you thanksgiving with humble hearts that you have not giving up on us just yet and we are allowed to see another day. Please continue to touch our youth, spouses, finances, mind, body, and souls with your powerful hands. In Jesus Christ name we pray, Amen and Thank God!

Pray for me and I will pray for you.

Much Love,



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