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With so many threats going around, there is no wonder some parents are being a bit overprotective with their kids. I for one am a ‘where you going, who you going with, why do you have to go, who all is going to be there, what adults can I contact, and just plain old NO because I said so,’ kind of parent.

Since the recent news outbreak, we will not be taking our 7 y/o trick or treating, trunk or treat, or anything else outside of our residence for Halloween. Does that keep us safe? Possibly. Will it be safer to stay inside than going outside? In my opinion, YES.

Frankly I don’t know if all this clown mess and rumors of purging is true or not. Me personally, I would rather be safe rather than sorry. Of course, the world is full of fools who think scaring the daylights out of folks is funny or even bigger fools who actually act on their impulses to do ignorant things. In order to deal with a problem, you have to make a mental checklist of things that need to be handled.

  1. STAY inside.
  2. KEEP family safe

In my opinion, by following rule number one for this Halloween season number two is already well on the way.

There will forever be the perfect Christian who states, “Well you shouldn’t be celebrating such a satanic holiday anyway.” I always looked at it as a time for kids to dress up as their favorite Marvel or Disney character and get candy. At least that is the way it was when I was young, CANDY was the main factor. When it comes to pranks and all the other foolery, I wasn’t down with that anyway but I am not knocking those that do. To each his or her own… Some folks take innocent acts and blow them clear out of the water. (IJS)

“Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil walks about like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour.” (I Peter 5:8)

My prayer for every one who reads this text is that you be mindful of your surroundings. Dear God, I pray that you protect each and everyone of us as we go on our way. As we venture out into the world and when we set up shop at home, Lord I pray the blood of Jesus covers us and our loved ones from head to toe. In Jesus name, I pray you send your angels to guard our families, protect us from our adversaries, and guide our thoughts in your direction. Lord I ask these things in your darling son, Jesus Christ name I pray. Amen.

Until next time…

K. Harris


You Can’t Win…

Recently my baby girl has been determined to watch all of my favorite movies and listen to the music that I love so much. Erykah Badu’s newest album has been on repeat for the past two weeks for us. ‘Monster in Law’ with Jenifer Lopez is one of the movies of choice but the all time favorite is ‘The Wiz.’


When I tell you that bad boy has been in constant rotation for the last few days, please believe me. Every song on there, I can repeat pretty much word for word and it’s been that way since I was little. Only now, I am starting to pay extra close attention to the words of certain songs. All this time, that movie and the songs had hidden messages for the viewer to grasp. Now I might be slow because I may be the only one who just figured it out. <shoulder shrug>

One song in particular is my favorite and that is the one sung by the scarecrow played by Michael Jackson. ‘You Can’t Win…’


Although the song is fun and it has a catchy tune, the song and the scene itself speaks of some true life stuff. For instance, the crows were steadily telling the scarecrow he couldn’t get down off the pole. They also drilled into him that he was nothing but garbage guts.

Have you ever been knocked down to a point where it made you question your self-worth?

If so, how many times have you been forced to live with doubts?

A snippet of the lyrics is:

You can’t Win, you can’t break even and you can’t get out of the game…

Whose game is it? Who says I can’t be even? Who set the rules? And how are you gonna tell me I can’t get out? Good Luck…

The first couple of lines alone is a slap in the face. It basically says you can’t win the game that you are playing. You can’t break even, meaning you can’t play on even or neutral ground. And to sum it up, now that you have entered the game – you can’t get out.

Now I may be wrong and for the record I was not high. LOL… But the message is clear.

My resolve is if I can’t win, get even, and can’t get out their imaginary game, I will just alter the way I play. By the time I piss off the creators, I will be exiled anyway. 🙂 If I get ejected from the game, I can start a new game. One that gives me the gold by giving the honor, glory, and victory to my father in heaven who is the original game maker. Y’all better feel me…

No one can tell you what you can’t do or what you won’t do, only you can decide on what you will do.

You all have a blessed day and I hope to hear from you soon.

K. Harris

Proverbs 31 Project

Proverbs 31 Project

It’s the beginning of a new month. For one full month we have been touching and hopefully agreeing on the scriptures describing a ‘virtuous woman.’

We have jotted down 300 compliments to ourselves. We have started a ‘husband box.’ Hopefully we have new recipes to add to our collection and we have begun to remove procrastination completely from our lives.

On to the next one…

Proverbs 31:17

She girdeth her loins with strength, and strengtheneth her arms.

This verse is self explanatory. The main word in this text is strength. In order to build strength, we must do the necessary work it takes to strengthen the muscles that carry the load. Although most folks point out the main flaws, pudgy mid-sections and flabby thighs, a full body workout should be the goal. Overall work will build endurance to continue the journey for a lifetime and not just the time being.

Even though the text speaks mainly of her loins and her arms, other components are equally important. According to Letgodbetrue.com, the metaphor and synecdoche of this clause intend strengthening her whole person for greater activity and effort, not just her loins. What good will come from strong loins but weak legs? Strong arms but a weak neck?

A great woman will require her body to be conditioned to handle the daily comings and goings. Her mind will need conditioning in order to keep from burning out easily. The spirit of a strong woman will depend on her ability to stay humble despite the hustle and bustle of daily life. Every day she will strive to be better than the day before.

Proverbs 31:17 (http://www.letgodbetrue.com/proverbs/commentaries/31_17.php)

Older women should teach younger women in Christ’s churches (Tit 2:3-5). If this were done diligently and wisely, each generation of Christian women would be greater than the one before in terms of holiness and marital and domestic godliness. If this is not the case in your church, who will change the ungodly trend? And when? Every Christian mother must also rise above ungodly prudery or slothfulness to teach her daughters completely.

As virtuous women, we should not hide our gifts and talents. If we are good shoppers, budget well, planners, decorators, coordinators, dancers, singers, etc. we should develop and exploit those skills to the benefit of our households. That very well may be the calling that you have ignored. Matt 25:14-30 speaks of taking the gifts God gave you, using them, and multiplying them. Increasing the intake by investing them where it counts instead of squandering them away, being wasteful.

In closing, a complete overhaul-mind, body, and spirit will produce the complete package so that you may be a blessing to others not just look good.

Please be mindful of those less fortunate than us. Keep in mind that our problems may not hold a candle to the person sitting next to you or even the person you cannot see. Be prayerful for those that lost, scared, hopeless, and alone. Uplift someone in your thoughts and prayers other than the needs of yourself. God hears all, sees all, and knows all. Some answers come when we remove thoughts about ourselves and start thinking about how we can bless others.

Pray for me and I will certainly do the same. When you get a moment, I hope you sign up for the newsletter to stay tuned with all P.E.W. Ministry has in store. Follow us so that you won’t miss out on any of the thought provoking posts and scriptures. We are simply trying to grow in Christ one day, one step at a time.

Much Love,


Proverbs 31 Project

Proverbs 31 Project (Day 29 and 30)

Instead of continuing the countdown, I am just going to start where I left off. Last week was one for the books in being extremely trying. Not only are we drawing to the end of Summer but it is time to prepare for school. As adults, we are always looking for ways to better  ourselves, so some of us may be enrolling as well. If so, God Bless you and all of your endeavors.

Day 29: 290 Compliments!

“Whoever gives thought to the word will discover good, and blessed is he who trusts in the Lord.” -Proverbs 16:20

Day 30: You Made It!

“Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. “Blessed are those who mourn, for they shall be comforted. “Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth. “Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they shall be satisfied. “Blessed are the merciful, for they shall receive mercy.” -Matthew 5:3-10

If you have not begun on the challenges assigned, now is a good time to set aside a few ticks to get it done.

The object of the first challenge is to love ourselves because we need to embrace that we are a blessing from God. God doesn’t make mistakes, so any flaws that we see are only minor flicks. If they are indeed bad, it is our job to figure them out and fix them.

Challenge two, the ‘husband box’ is designed for you to picture what you have in mind for the perfect spouse. If you already have a spouse and divorce is not an option (kidding), pray over the things that would make you feel complete within your marriage. Put those items into a box, (mental, physical, or electronic), pray and meditate over them.

Challenge three, kick out procrastination. Create daily, weekly, monthly, and even yearly lists to complete something that you dream of doing. Instead of creating daily excuses as to why ‘it’ won’t work, concentrate on way to make ‘it’ happen.

Challenge four, let’s get creative in the kitchen. Try something new at least once a week for yourself. If you have a family, treat them to a meal from another part of the world. Instead grabbing what’s convenient from the best Chinese food restaurant in town, try some homemade Chicken or Shrimp fried rice. If you fly solo, make it an entertaining night by inviting others to try out the newness.

By any means, don’t stop any of the above challenges if it brings a sense of peace to any turmoil in your life. Continue to meditate over the large number of compliments you have jotted down for the last 30 or less days. Meditate over what you want in a mate. Pray for guidance and strength to accomplish the road to travel in your life. Enjoy increasing your recipe book with exciting new meals. Who knows a cookbook could be in the making… 🙂

Monday marks the day of a new month, a new week, and a new challenge. The next set of Virtuous Woman breakdown starts Monday morning. Therefore we are going to play this by ear. I apologize in advance if it feels like I’m jumping but I’m just following instinct at this point.

Continue to be patient with me, for this is all new. I really appreciate everyone for tuning into these random posts.

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Proverbs 31 Project (day 19)

Day 19: There’s One and Only YOU!

“I have stored up your word in my heart, that I might not sin against you.” -Psalm 119:11

Happy Friday!

Quick recap…

Proverbs 31:10-16

An excellent wife, who can find? For her worth is far above jewels. 11The heart of her husband trusts in her, And he will have no lack of gain. 12She does him good and not evil All the days of her life. 13She looks for wool and flax And works with her hands in delight. 14She is like merchant ships; She brings her food from afar. 15She rises also while it is still night And gives food to her household And portions to her maidens. 16She considers a field and buys it; From her earnings she plants a vineyard.

The scripture breakdowns thus far have really made me mindful of my actions, reactions, and my overall way of thinking. I recognize my worth because I am evaluating my self-worth.

It’s one thing to believe that you are beautiful, it is another to shine from within a beautiful light that no man can diminish. Our ability to be trustworthy, hardworking, crafty, resourceful, and have a hustlers gait goes a long way. It guarantees the love, protection, and respect from those who value our existence.

God first, husband second, family third, and business last. Without God none of the other aspects would even exist. Without God, we wouldn’t exist.

God then blesses woman to be reunited with the rib she was structured from. The husband we were blessed with assists in producing the family. Together husband and wife raises the family as a sound team. The family will chunk the mother and father the deuces, who will be left? Husband and wife…

By putting the family third, it is not as negative as some make it out to be. When the kiddos are all grown up, the only beings left is that man and wife. Although I have my complaints about some ministers and their philosophies, this statement has stuck with me since our first pre-marriage counseling session.”Forsake all others…” For years, I thought for sure women must be out their rabbit *^* mind to cater to a man before her children.

Then I was enlightened on the bigger picture. The picture became clearer. It’s about team work, nothing at all about bowing down.

Lastly we have the hustler to increase household income. Whatever you are good at, make it profitable for you and yours. Pray over it and make it happen. Ask God to strengthen your resolve to get things done. Pray for guidance in making your dream a reality.

On to the next…

Pray for me and I will do the same.

Much Love,


Proverbs 31 Project

Proverbs 31 Project (Day 18)

Good day folks, I am extremely late but better late than never.

Day 18: Don’t Get Pessimistic On Me!

Then God said, “Let us make man in our image, after our likeness. And let them have dominion over the fish of the sea and over the birds of the heavens and over the livestock and over all the earth and over every creeping thing that creeps on the earth.” Genesis 1:26

Hang in there we are almost at the end of the month. Are the challenges helping, hurting, hindering, or boring you? Just curious. I know it can be taxing to remember to accomplish all these little challenges but again they aren’t designed to put stress on your life. In the long run, they should help relieve stress and the abundance of issues clustering up your think tank.

Part II of Proverbs 31:15-16 breakdown

15She rises also while it is still night and gives food to her household and portions to her maidens. 16She considers a field and buys it; from her earnings, she plants a vineyard.

Now we know, not only does this woman rise before the break of day to prepare for the day but she is a business woman also. She makes sure that her household is fed and well nourished so they can concur the day head on without hesitation.

This breakdown of the virtuous woman described a hustler to the core. A woman who sought out to build up her homes economic status. She searched, checked prices, property breakdowns, and possible profits on a piece of land that she purchased with her earnings. From there she planted the seed to grow the product that would one day replenish the household.

There was nothing prim and proper about this woman, for she worked the land she recently purchased. She went about her day laying seeds and nourished the product to become a success.

Being a virtuous woman has nothing to do with being still and waiting for instruction. A virtuous woman is not one who will sit home looking pretty and wait for the support or boost of confidence. She will get out there and do what needs to be done in order for the ends to meet.

The same can be said for people in the church. Often times, folks are quick to say ‘no that’s not me,’ or whatever excuse they can muster up to keep from working in the church. The qualities and characteristics described in Proverbs can be put towards any persons every day life.

Not saying we have to jump on every board nor am I saying Christian duty is strictly for the building but some sort of missionary work should be on the agenda. A person who knows what they can offer to any cause and then they set out plans to get the job done.

Words of LetGodBeTrue.com She first provided for her husband and children (Pr 31:10-12,27-28). She knew “keepers at home” (Tit 2:5) condemned idleness and sinful habits of foolish women; it did not mean staying home all day (I Tim 5:13-14).

If you already have a hustle, keep up the good work but don’t neglect what you have at home.

Pray for me and I will return the favor.

Much Love,


Proverbs 31 Project

Proverbs 31 Project (Day 17)

Day 17: It’s Simple. You’re Beautiful!

“Likewise also that women should adorn themselves in respectable apparel, with modesty and self-control, not with braided hair and gold or pearls or costly attire, but with what is proper for women who profess godliness–with good works.” 1Timothy 2:9-10

As women, we need the motivation of a good word or compliment to get the ball rolling. Why not be the one to offer the compliment?

Stay on task, we are almost there. The more things we check off, the longer we have to work it out. The beginning stages are always the hardest parts for me when dealing with a project. Once it becomes a habit, it tends to flow smoothly. However, we can’t get too comfortable because that is when procrastination tries to slither in and fudge up the process made. Knock out the task at hand and the change will certainly come.

Next Verse in the Proverbs 31 Project…

“She gets up before dawn to prepare breakfast for her household and plans the day’s work for her servant girls. She goes to inspect  a field and buys it; with her earnings, she plants a vineyard.” Proverbs 31:15-16

Concentrating on the first portion of this text, we are basically talking about an early riser. The go-getter, the early bird gets the worm type of woman. This woman will have no problem rising early to get the tasks of the day rolling in the right direction. She has no qualms about preparing fittles for her household as well as her servants.

Do we have servants? Probably not… LOL… The point is basically rising to the occasion on time to get things moving smoothly. This woman wakes up with goals on her mind and every intention on meeting those goals. The Queen Mother described this woman to be ambitious, ready for any and all challenges.

If you are not a morning person, own it but don’t use that as an excuse. What if Jesus came back at the break of dawn? Are you going to tell him hold on minute, come back after noon? Lol… I am making light of the situation but the truth of the matter is we have to start somewhere. Why not start with an early morning?

Starting the morning off on a good note can only form the way you intend for your day to go. Your family or future family deserve to be lead by example not by simply stating what is right. Words are pointless unless actions show the proof.

Proverbs 24:30–34 NLT

30 I walked by the field of a lazy person, the vineyard of one with no common sense. 31 I saw that it was overgrown with nettles. It was covered with weeds, and its walls were broken down. 32 Then, as I looked and thought about it, I learned this lesson: 33 A little extra sleep, a little more slumber, a little folding of the hands to rest— 34 then poverty will pounce on you like a bandit; scarcity will attack you like an armed robber.

Of course this can easily be applied to the circumstances of your life. If you work nights and your mornings are for sleeping, simply study as your down time before laying it down. I truly believe that meditating over positive thinking will help you to rise with a positive mind. If that doesn’t work, make that a priority for when you wake up. We are not perfect people and God doesn’t expect us to be. Our goal is to make HIM the number one priority in our lives. We can do that by standing firm on his word and doing our absolute best to learn what we can to teach those who come after us.

By getting a jump-start, early to rise, we are preparing the feast of knowledge for our household to feed upon and set the path for each day.


Since forever and a day, I can recall bragging about how I love to sleep. I could sleep all day and not get tired. (Makes no dang sense, I know) Now I see why that has changed drastically over the years, God has been priming and prepping me for a new way of thinking. LOOK AT GOD! Sleep and slothfulness are addicting and contagious (Pr 19:15).(GUILTY) The more I allowed either, the more I wanted it but now, things have changed.

The longer you sleep and the slower you move in the morning, the more tired you will feel all day. If you leap out of bed and get at the day, you can rejoice in the vitality and vigor you feel coursing through your body and mind. Success starts by getting up on time (Pr 20:13). Believe it! Staying in bed will ruin you (Pr 23:21).

Tomorrow we will jump right into part II.

Much Love,